Muamalat Gold Sdn Bhd has stepped up a step further by establishing Precious Metals Mint Factory in Section 32, Shah Alam, Selangor. Despite facing various challenges, various positive and proactive measures was taken to ensure Muamalat Gold Sdn Bhd remains steadfast in playing its role and his function as the leader of the Gold industry especially in the COOPERATIVE market in Malaysia.

With the existence of this Manufacturing Factory, Muamalat Gold Sdn Bhd will focus more on the field of production of Wafers or Gold Coins commercially in Malaysia in particular. At in addition to producing products for brands ourselves, we also accept special orders wafers or coins of this precious metal from private and government companies.

Capacity will be increased soon with the addition of several machine units a our factory, our target  is 10,000 metal production units a month.



Our philosophy is all about Pure, Prosperity, Professional and Profitability to serve and guide our customer. We provide value to customers through fanatical customer service, high premiums, superior products and easy ordering. Pure and Professional.

We take great pride in serving you with the best way possible. We are perfectionists who possess great passion in everything we do, be it from designing, production, trading and services that we provide.



Our Values – What we stand for

The Guiding Principles of Muamalat Gold are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. They serve as a general orientation and form the framework of our actions. Through them, we define behavior and ways of thinking that are essential for successful cooperation with our partners, customers, but also among Our Team.

The core values are to be lived by all employees worldwide. Therefore, we continuously work on their implementation and further development.

  • Customer Focus: We concentrate on our customers’ needs.
  • Clear Language & Respect: We communicate clearly and respect each other.
  • Diversity: We foster different perspectives and diverse teams.
  • Continuous Improvement: We continuously want to get better.


To become the Gold and Silver refinery of choice for dealers, traders and banks from across the MALAYSIA and ASIAN.


MGSB is a gold & silver product and associated service provider, fully committed to offer the highest quality of products and services.

We are driven by its commitment to excellence and leadership. The company demonstrates this by:

  • Offering the highest caliber of gold and silver products and services to myriad clients from across industries and geographical locations
  • Demonstrating trustworthiness through local and international accreditations.
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and improvement where new ideas are welcomed and new markets explored
  • Building a work environment where each individual, irrespective of grade, is valued and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Strengthening relationships with partners, regulatory agencies and the local community